U-Haul – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Andrew Newton –Sales Representative

The Situation
U-Haul of Melbourne sought to add light overhead of the roll-up doors on the storage bays, staying uniform with the length of the door and to be mindful of light intrusion to oncoming traffic as the facility is located on highway US-1.

The Solution
Andrew, Sales Representative at FB&B, recommended adding six fixtures, one over each roll door, using Saylite’s 8’ LED fixtures.  With Saylite’s unique Sign Lighter design, only 5.25” of exposed surface shows, keeping the light over the roll doors verses into oncoming traffic.  The client was well pleased with this design and awarded Andrew and FB&B the job.

The Product

     • Saylite Series OSL LED Outdoor Sign Lighter 8’ LED fixtures.
     • 96 watt LED with 5000 Kelvin Temperature fixtures produced 9600 lumens.
     • OSL96LS96W9600L50K. Dimensions:  3.06” H x 5.25” W.
     • Powder coated white aluminum extrusion with white interior and cast aluminum end plates with a clear, smooth acrylic lens.
     • Available in 4’ and 8’ lengths.  Dimmable capabilities, 120-277V.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
The use of efficient Led lighting over the six roll doors at U-Haul of Melbourne increased the quality of light projected with high lumen output and clean, sharp color.  The client was very pleased with the product and the outcome of the project.  Thank you to U-Haul for using the latest LED technology and going green!

Specification Sheets:
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