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see how OUR MODERN LED lighting SOLUTIONS can further enhance your company brand and public relations by showcasing your business in a whole new light.

Effective Lighting

When choosing THE CORRECt PARKING LOT LIGHTING, it is important to CONSIDER MANY FACTORS SUCH AS MAINTENANCE, energy efficiency, LIGHTING styles.

Poor Lighting

POORLY DESIGNED OR OUTDATED parking LOT LIGHTING will PRODUCE blinds spots, PRESENT SECURITY RISKS and cause light pollution.
Improving Safety and Saving Energy

Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Parking lot lighting might be something we typically take for granted. However, the importance of appropriate Parking Lot Lighting has a multitude of benefits. These not only include an elevated appearance of your property's exterior but increased illumination for both vehicles and pedestrians. When done right, upgrading to LED Parking Lot Lighting can also have significant cost-saving benefits. As we dive into all of the factors to be considered when deciding if upgrading your existing lighting it the right choice for you. We will explore these concerns in-depth to help you make the best decision for your business.

As mentioned before there are many factors to take into account when deciding the best lighting options for your business, and your bottom line. The most common issue with traditional lighting is the operational and maintenance costs associated with outdated lighting.

Drawbacks of HID Lighting

HID Energy Costs 

HID lighting was an industry standard used in most applications over the past decade. Chances are if you haven't updated your lighting in recent years you are using HID lighting. In comparison to modern LED Lighting solutions, a 400w or 1000w HID fixture (most common wattages for parking and area lighting) can cost up to $209 in addition to $525 to operate per lamp, per year, in electricity costs alone.

HID Maintenance Costs

As the lifespan and reliability of older HID lighting are significantly less than our modern LED Solutions. As bucket trucks or lifts are a necessity to reach the elevation required o repair or replace these outdated technologies, hiring outside contractors to replace and repair faulty HID bulbs and fixtures can become very expensive, quickly. On average, it can cost up to $1,200 to maintain a single parking or area light fixture over the course of three years.

HID Lighting Performance

The performance and appearance of your existing lighting can vary depending on the type of HID lighting you currently have installed. This can cause an in-cohesive look to your lighting areas. This not only impacts the safety of your outdoor areas but the effectiveness of your lighting overall.

Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lighting

Our LED Lighting Solutions are superior in each of the categories mentioned above in comparison to HID Lighting. They are proven to be an excellent option for outdoor and Parking Lot Lighting because of how they generate and distribute the light. Paired with significantly lower energy usage, increased life span and little to no maintenance required they have rapidly become the industry standard in modern lighting.

Cost Savings

Switching to our LED Lighting Solutions our clients save an average of $300 per fixture, per year when upgrading out of outdated HID Fixtures. As LED lighting uses significantly less energy and in turn operates at a lower temperature, the life spans of our LED Products often exceed 100,000 hours (12 Years) of continuous operation. 

Improved Appearance

When using LED Lighting, light is delivered to the surrounding areas more evenly distributed. This provides more uniform coverage when compared to traditional HID Lighting. With LED Lighting, there is a range of color temperatures available. We work with you to provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness.”

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If the exterior of your business is in need of updated parking lot lighting, the good news is that the bulbs can be replaced easily with high-performance LED that will save energy and money. Our Lighting experts at Florida Bulb & Ballast can educate and provide you with solutions custom tailored to your specific lighting needs and specifications. Get in touch today to learn about the energy and cost saving solutions we provide to companies like yours, everyday.

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