Parking Garage Lighting
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OUR Parking garage and canopy light SOLUTIONS are designed to be rugged AND adequately light a space for navigation and safety.

Effective Lighting

When choosing a parking garage and canopy light, it is important to look for vibration rated, IP66, wet location and energy efficiency LIGHTING.

Poor Lighting

POORLY DESIGNED OR OUTDATED parking garage AND canopy light will PRODUCE blinds spots, PRESENT SECURITY RISKS and cause light pollution.
Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Safety

Embracing LED Lighting in Parking Garages

Switching to LED lighting in parking garages offers a multitude of benefits, including significant energy and cost savings. Some environmental conservation groups have shown in trials that electricity used in garage lighting can be cut by 50% by switching to LED lighting. When combined with smart lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 70%. LED lighting also offers a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing disruptions to parking operations.

In addition to energy and cost savings, LED lighting can enhance the safety of parking garages. LED lights provide higher quality, more uniform illumination compared to traditional lighting sources, helping to eliminate dark spots and improve visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. The improved lighting conditions can deter criminal activity and create a safer environment for all users.

Building and property managers interested in upgrading to LED lighting should first conduct an energy audit to assess the current energy consumption of their parking garage. This information can help determine the potential savings and return on investment (ROI) of switching to LED lighting.

Next, work with a lighting professional to design an LED lighting system tailored to the specific needs of the parking garage, including appropriate fixture types, color temperatures, and smart controls. Finally, monitor and evaluate the performance of the new LED lighting system to ensure it meets energy-saving goals and provides the desired improvements in safety and visibility.

As awareness of the benefits of LED lighting continues to grow, we can expect more and more parking garages to make the switch. By investing in energy-efficient LED lighting and smart controls, building and property managers can significantly reduce energy consumption, save on costs, and create a safer environment for all users. Embracing LED technology in parking garages is a win-win for both the environment and the bottom line.

Underground Parking Consumes Enough Power for 20,000 Homes

Underground parking garages, crucial to building management, consume a significant amount of energy due to the need for constant lighting for safety purposes. In response, forward-thinking building and property managers have begun adopting energy-efficient LED lighting, not only for energy savings but also to improve safety through better illumination.

With approximately 250,000 parking garage lighting fixtures operating non-stop, they consume enough energy to power around 20,000 homes. Studies conducted by environmental conservation groups have demonstrated that by transitioning to LED lighting, energy consumption in garage lighting can be reduced by 50%. Furthermore, when combined with intelligent lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, energy savings can exceed 70%.

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If your garage does have fluorescent lighting, the good news is that the bulbs can be replaced easily with high-performance LED T8s that will save energy and money. Our Lighting experts at Florida Bulb & Ballast can educate and provide you with solutions custom tailored to your specific lighting needs and specifications. Get in touch today to learn about the energy and cost saving solutions we provide to companies like yours, everyday.

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