The Lexus of Melbourne Dealership

The Situation
Lexus of Melbourne Dealership sought to reduce operating costs and improve the light levels of their dealership's sales lot. As a retailer that prides itself on quality and style, it was critical to Lexus of Melbourne that its lighting provide excellent color rendering to highlight its quality line up of performance automobiles and catch the customer eyes. With the help of FB&B, Lexus of Melbourne evaluated a few lines of LED site lighting but ultimately determine that LSI offered the best color rending and overall solution to meet all its goals.

The Solution
In cooperation with Florida Bulb & Ballast, LSI did a test install of one of the large Slice fixtures for Lexus of Melbourne to experience the difference LED area lights would make in the sales lot. Lexus of Melbourne was very satisfied with the quality of light and color improvements of the LSI Slice LEDs, and trusted the expertise of FB&B.  LSI Slice area lights provided the perfect solution to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, while providing exceptional lighting performance and creating an appealing sales lot environment.

The Product
FB&B has experience and confidence in LSI High Performance Slice area light. It is available in three fixture sizes for flexibility for any application; utilizing state-of-the-art LED technology to provide energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting technologies. The retrofit at Lexus of Melbourne replaced less efficient metal halide light sources with LSI LED fixtures, providing better illumination to showcase a high-performance Lexus without affecting the true colors of the automobiles. In addition, the lack color shifting in LEDs, which is common in metal halide technology, will insure the display of a vehicle’s brilliant and true to colors for years to come.FB&B recommended using all three-fixture sizes to fit each specific fixture replacement to give the needed light levels without wasting energy for the great saving.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
Because of the retrofit to LED lighting, Lexus of Melbourne will save over $41,000 annually in energy cost alone, have improved maintenance cost and much brighter, cleaner looking sales lot. Over the lifetime of the fixtures, the savings will total nearly $525,000 over approximately 12 years.

In addition to cost savings, the LED lighting has enabled Lexus of Melbourne to reduce its carbon footprint, as the company is committed to green initiatives. The retrofit is a major contributor in helping reduce the facilities energy consumption by 342,517 kilowatt hours (KWh), the equivalent of 525,760 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). With the success of this installation, Lexus of Melbourne is working with FB&B to retrofit their interior lights, further expanding its cost and environmental savings.  

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