Indian River Medical Center, Vero Beach, Florida

The Situation
Indian River Medical Center sought to reduce operating cost and improve the lighting quality in their parking areas. Visitor and employee safety are always top priority to the hospital. With the help of FB&B Indian River MedicalCenter evaluated a few lines of LED site lighting fixtures but ultimately determine that Envoy offered the best overall solution to meet all its goals.

The Solution
Florida Bulb & ballast did a test install of one of the 300-watt MPAL LED fixture for Indian River MedicalCenter to experience the difference LED area lights would make in the parking lots. IDRMC was very satisfied with the quality of light and color improvements of the Envoy MPAL fixtures and trusted the expertise of FB&B and FloridaLighting Services. Envoy MPAL area lights provided the perfect solution to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, while providing exceptional lighting performance and creating an appealing and safe parking lot environment.

The Product
FB&B has experience and confidence in Envoy’s High Performance MPAL area lights. It is available in multiple wattage sizes for flexibility for any application; utilizing state-of-the-art LED technology to provide energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting technologies. The retrofit at Indian River Medical Center replaced less efficient High-Pressure Sodium light sources with Envoy LED fixtures, providing better illumination. In addition, the lack of color shifting in LEDs, which is common in High Pressure Sodium technology, will insure the bright and improved visibility of the parking lots for years to come.

FB&B recommended reducing the number of overall fixtures of 60 -400-watt HPS to just 37 of the 300- wattLED MPAL fixtures for an overall saving of 56,347 kWh annually. While improving the needed light levels without wasting energy for the great saving. In all 60fixtures where replaced by 37 and installed /repositioned by Florida Lighting Service the installation division of FB&B.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
Because of the retrofit to LED lighting. Indian River Medical Center will save over $6,761annually in energy cost alone, have improved maintenance cost and much brighter cleaner looking parking lots. Over the lifetime of the fixtures, the savings will total nearly $81,139 over approximately 12 years.

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