Vero Beach Water Towers – Vero Beach, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist: Karen Jones – Sales Representative

The Situation
The goal of this project for Indian River County Facility was to add exterior light to the Vero Beach Water Towers.  No light existed which made it difficult during emergency night calls.  Karen’s job was to find appropriate LED lighting for not only the towers, but the poles as well.

The Solution
Karen proposed and was awarded the lighting project using 50w LED Floods for the poles at one tower and 60w LED Wall Packs for the other two towers.  

The Product
Envoy Product was used at this project.  Karen chose the Envoy Lighting 60 watt LED WP60/50K Wall Packs for their clear, sharp and direct light for two of the towers and Envoys 50 watt LED FL50/50K for the poles at the other tower.  These fixtures produced optimal lumens needed to assist the client during night visits to the towers.  These new light fixtures also assist the client to have a better visual on the cameras at night.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
By adding High Efficient Led lighting to the three towers with high lumen output fixtures, Indian River County was able to promote a great initiative towards their facilities impact on the environment and their overall carbon footprint.

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