Valencia of Viera, Viera, Florida

Senior Sales Representative – Shelly Cejda

The Situation
Valencia of Viera
worked prestigiously with Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc.’s Shelly Cejda, to solve a daunting problem; no lights at the large mailbox pavilion.

The Solution
Shelly Cejda of Florida Bulb & ballast, Inc., Senior Sales Representative, highly recommended her new favorite Solar display light, Solera, by Light Efficient Design/RemPhos.  Valencia of Viera was thrilled that Shelly offered an instant solution without having to run power to the Pavilion.

The Product
Light Efficient Design/RemPhos has a wonderful Solar light called the Solera LED display light.  Measuring in at 46” x 5”, using only 20 watts to replace 150W HID and putting out 2000 lumens, in 4000k color, this little gem was the answer to the issue.  Burning 4 hours of brightness at 100% charge, dropping to 25% for the remaining night hours, the replaceable battery will last 1500 charge cycles, that’s about 50 hours.  The real feature that sold Valencia of Viera was this little beauties 120 degree beam angle!  Not only were all the mailboxes bathed in illumination, but so was the pavilion, offering security for the tenants.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
No electricity is used to power this sustainable, amazing Solar powered LED display light, giving Valencia of Viera and Shelly Cejda of Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., satisfaction of not only a job well done, but earnestly helping the carbon footprint.

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