Centre at Suntree – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist: Andrew Newton –Sales Representative

The Situation
The Centre at Suntree contracted FB&B to upgrade the existing exterior lighting to new LED recessed cans and parking lot fixtures. Andrew worked diligently to reduce wattage, increase light output and modernize the exterior to high efficiency LED fixtures.

The Solution
Working with facility maintenance at The Centre at Suntree, Andrew of FB&B, recommended replacing the 57 – 6” soffit down cans that held CF23 lamps, 7 - 10’ poles with post top fixtures containing MH175 lamps and ballast, 11 – 15’ poles with MH250 lamps and ballast, with new LED fixtures. This suggestion was accepted and the project was completed to the clients delight.

The Product
FB&B installed Sylvania/LEDvance 60777 -17W-40K, 6” LED trim lights to all the down cans, including Sylvania 75082 downlight trim ring, to completely close-off the existing soffit openings. The MH175 fixtures were replaced with Dabmar’s GM573-LED55, 55W LED Post Top that contains an adjustable Kelvin temperature “Color Tunable” device for the client’s needs.Installing Dabmar’s GM571-LED150, 5000K, 150W Post Top fixture to replace the MH250’s was a good choice for its light output, broad coverage and crisp, clean LED light.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
The use of High Efficient Led lighting in the parking lot and recessed cans increased the quality of light projected with high lumen output and clean, sharp color. By replacing the recessed can fixtures to LED saves the client $149.80 annually. Removing the MH175 lamps and ballast brings an additional $367.92 to the annual energy savings and additionally still, $481.80 on the MH250 to LED switch out. Total energy savings annually to be over $999.00 for the next 5 year minimum. Removing all existing bulbs and ballast will generate an additional $481.48 annually in future maintenance cost avoidance, bringing the year’s total savings to $1,481 annually. Changing out exterior fixtures to Energy Efficient LED lighting, The Centre at Suntree showed great initiative towards their facilities impact on the environment and their overall carbon footprint.

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