Suntree Plaza – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Shelly Cejda –Sales Representative

The Situation
Suntree Plaza in North Melbourne, had old sconce lights that used outdated 13 watt compact fluorescent lamps and ballast.  The fixtures were corroded and in disrepair.

The Solution
Shelly quoted Brownlee Lightings LED sconce fixture 7601-WH-B12-VB2-40K, a heavy duty aluminum wall sconce that suited the client perfectly.  The beautiful, architectural design helped maintain the integrity of the façade and give the facility a more current and modern appearance.

The Product
Brownlee Lighting:
     • LED sconce fixture 7601-WH-B12-VB2-40K
     • Powder coat with custom paint
     • LED 12 watt Dimmable / 2 Vertical LED Bars 6W each
     • Decorative 2-Bar décor with white acrylic diffuser
     • 4000 Kelvin Temperature / 957 lumens / 60,000 hour life

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
Congratulations to Suntree Plaza for replacing 29 old, 13W CFL’s plus ballast to new, efficient, 12W LED sconce lights!  Not only will they save time and money by replacing these fixtures, they have joined countless others along Florida’s Space Coast who are switching out cost consuming products that consume too much energy.

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