Spyglass Plaza, Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Shelly Cejda

The Situation
Spyglass Plaza was a replacement fixture project that Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., was asked to provide state of the art lighting for, replacing HID Lighting with LED.

The Solution
Florida Bulb & Ballast worked with the Plaza Management to establish what products would work for the exterior parking lot. The 21 parking lot light fixtures currently used MH250W lamps and ballast that were removed and replaced with new 100W Envoy Gen2 Pro Series LED fixtures keeping energy usage at its most efficient. Switching to LED fixtures in the parking lot of this project, resulted in reduced energy consumption of approximately $1,748 per year from the FPL electric bill.

The Product
FB&B worked in coordination with Envoy Lighting to provide the best possible LED solution for the project. All the fixtures for this job were purchased from Envoy Lighting.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
High Efficient Led lighting was used in the parking lot instead of Metal Halide lamps to ensure optimal brightness in the parking lot while using a fraction of the energy consumed by Metal Halide. By converting to LED, Spyglass Plaza can expect great paybacks in energy savings.

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