The Racquet Club, Vero Beach, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Karen Jones

The Situation
The Racquet Club was a replacement project where Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc. removed old, rotted wooden poles and replaced with new 10’ aluminum black poles with decorative bases and die cast globe fitters, re-using existing polycarbonate globes.

The Solution

Florida Bulb & Ballast worked with the Elliott Merrill Management team to greatly improve the existing poles at The Racquet Club Facility.  By removing the old 10’ wooden poles and metal fitters and replacing with the new Aluminum poles and die cast fitters, the client was assured of stability as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  Being very close to the ocean and corrosive salt, this was a perfect fit for their concern.

The Product

Florida Bulb & Ballast worked with Lighting Plastics to supply The Racquet Club with the aluminum poles and fitters.  The black decorative base covers used were Part #2420B, supplied by Wave Lighting.  We were able to use the client’s existing globes to help keep the cost of the project at a minimum.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect

Replacing old, outdated wood poles and corroded metal globe fitters with aluminum poles, polyethylene decorative bases and die cast aluminum globe fitters, which can withstand the ocean’s heavy salt corrosiveness, we have achieved a piece of mind for both The Racquet Club and Elliott Merrill Management team.

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