Preferred Storage, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Michael Hoffman, CEO

The Situation
Preferred Storage is a new construction project that Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., worked with the Owner/Developer to provide state of the art lighting for a new Storage Facility.  

The Solution
Florida Bulb & Ballast worked with the contractor and client to establish what products would work for the interior and exterior plus security lighting, this included Architectural Led Lighting for the office space to provide an “Upbeat Modern” look to match the design of the modern building. The hallway lighting incorporated linear strip lighting with Motion Activation controls to maximize lighting only when customers were present, so energy usage was at its most efficient yet still providing a safe environment.  The usage of LED fixtures in the parking lot and the office of this project, combined with motion controls, resulted in reduced energy consumption of approximately $10,100 per year from the electric bill, from what would have been otherwise.

The Product
FB&B worked in coordination with its vendor factories to provide drawings and photo metrics for the project. All the fixtures for this job were purchased from Simkar Corporation and Envoy Lighting.  

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
High Efficient Led lighting was used in the parking lot and wall mounted security fixtures instead of older Metal Halide technology to ensure 100,000 hours of “Crisp White Light” in the parking lot while using a fraction of the energy consumed by Metal Halide. The fixtures chosen were able to achieve the required light levels in the parking area as well as being able to control any “light bleed-over “onto adjacent properties as required by Code.

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