LaPlaya East Condominium – Satellite Beach, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Don Meiers –Sales Representative

The Situation
LaPlaya East Condo needed to replace 2 poles and post top fixtures. Having electrical power issues at the front entrance, Don sought an inexpensive solution to the problem.

The Solution
Don and Brian of Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., quoted Solera Solar Lighting for the post top fixtures, requiring no electrical connection. The LED 20 watt, 4000K post top fixture is not only artistically appealing, but energy saving as well.  With the addition of two new 10’ black aluminum poles, installation was a breeze and very cost effective!

The Product
Solera Solar Lighting: RP-SPT-20W-40K-SF-G1
Lighting Plastics: 10’ Black Aluminum Pole

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
LaPlaya East Condominium was extremely thrilled with the prospect of having solar powered post top fixtures at the entrance to their complex where electrical issues had plagued the facility for years, causing the entrance to have limited lighting exposure.  By removing the old post top fixtures and replacing them with 20 watt solar powered fixtures, this is an energy win-win!  Don encourages the use of solar powered fixtures not only in areas without electric, but in replacement of electrical powered fixtures everywhere suitable.  This act will greatly improve the energy consumption and lower the overall carbon footprint.

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