Villas of Suntree – Suntree/Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Shelly Cejda – Sales Representatives

The Situation
The Villas of Suntree wished to create a more personable walking area to attract evening strolls and family outings.

The Solution
By changing out the existing poles and light fixture globes to new modern fittings and eliminating the compact fluorescent lamps, Shelly was able to give the Villas of Suntree exactly what they had envisioned.

The Products
Acclaim 5208BK/FR 3-light post top fixtures
Satco LED 4.5w CTC 2700K chandelier bulbs
9’ Black aluminum poles

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
It’s customers like the Villas of Suntree that we really appreciate taking the time to modernize their existing lighting from CFL’s to energy efficient LED.  By removing decrepit poles and fixtures and replacing them with new, they are bringing their facility up-to-date.  Thanks Shelly for your help in this project!

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