Tasca Buick/GMC – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Karen Jones –Sales Representatives

The Situation
Tasca Buick/GMC of Melbourne reached out to Karen Jones of Florida Bulb & Ballast, to upgrade the old, outdated MH1000 HID parking lot fixtures to new LED lights.  Karen set to work laying out a diagram of the facility for the 25-LED replacement fixture project.

The Solution
Karen worked closely with the General Manager at Tasca to select the highest quality and best performing LED fixtures.  They decided to reduce the quantity of fixtures from 48-HID to 25-LED fixtures in the parking lot and retrofit the recessed cans to LED around the complex.

The Products
Karen chose a combination of LSI and Sylvania/LEDvance LED products for the parking lot and building. The products used:
- LSI MIRADA series in 36L, 42L & 65L
- NV2 series (112 & 128L)
- Sylvania/LEDvance 8”24W/40K 2000 Lumens recessed down light

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
This project was a huge success for both Tasca and Karen Jones of Florida Bulb & Ballast.  The previous HID lighting system had an average energy cost of $20,665 per year.  After the new LED change-out, FB&B was able to drop the energy cost to $4,660 annually with a return on investment (ROI) of 1.67 years, wow!  Maintaining a high lumen output and a high LED wattage successfully brought new, clean light to the Tasca Buick/GMC of Melbourne parking lot and surrounding facility.  A huge thank you to Tasca Buick/GMC of Melbourne for contributing to an amazing energy savings footprint!

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