Skate Park– Satellite Beach, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Don Meiers –Sales Representatives

The Situation
The City of Satellite Beach, Florida, had old, corroded fixtures at the local skate park.  In order to maintain the integrity of the facility, the lighting had to be upgraded.  The Public Works department contacted Don Meiers of Florida Bulb & Ballast to offer his expertise on the project.  

The Solution
purposed 17 new 300 watt LED fixtures in 5000K (white light) with new slip fitters throughout the park and complex.  Each fixture would produce 40,000 lumens, greatly enhancing the light levels at the facility, creating a safe environment for its occupants.

The Products
Envoy LED fixtures were the unit of choice by both Don and the City of Satellite Beach.  The product used:
- ENVOY LED Pro Series 300/50K
- ENVOY Pro Series Slip Fitter-adjustable up to 90 degrees
- ENVOY Pro Series Trunion Mount

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
By removing the old light fixtures and replacing them with new, energy efficient LED units,the Satellite Beach Skate Park has made an impact on the environment.  LED’s with less heat, clean, sharp, bright white light greatly improves the area.  Thank you Don for helping the City of Satellite Beach go Green!

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