Radial Inc. – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Andrew Newton - Senior Sales Representative

The Situation
Radial Inc contacted Andrew Newton to upgrade their facility from 4’T8 electronic lamps and ballast to LED T8 lamps, using the option of installing new ballast versus deleting. The client had compact fluorescent down cans using expensive, outdated CFL lamps and magnetic ballast.

The Solution
Andrew analyzed the property and organized it into three sections. The first section had 247 – 4 lamp, 4’T8 electronic lamps and ballast suspended fixtures that burned 24/7. Replacing these lamps with Sylvania brand LED 4’T8 Plug-n-Play lamps with a new electronic ballast lowered the fixture wattage form 108 watts to 60 watts. This generated a cost savings of $42 per fixture resulting in a yearly savings of $10,374.

The second phase consisted of 187 - 3 lamp, 4’T8 electronic lamps and ballast, burning 12 hours a day, that were converted to the Sylvania brand LED 4’T8 Plug-n-Play lamps with a new electronic ballast. Changing out these 3 lamp fixtures to LED reduced the wattage from 83 watts per fixture to 45 watts, creating a savings of $16.64 per fixture resulting in a savings of $3,111.68 annually.

Phase three consisted of retrofitting 171 down cans housing CFL lamps at 26 watts each. By retrofitting these lamps to their TCP brand LED counterpart, Andrew was able to bring each down cans consumption to 21 watts with a per fixture savings of $4.38, a yearly savings of $748.98, while increasing light output by 25%.

The Products
Andrew used Sylvania LEDvance for the LED 4’T8 lamps in 4100K, Sylvania LEDvance QHE 4X32 and 3X32 electronic ballast for the 4’ fluorescent retrofits. Sourcing high quality CFL replacements with LED, Andrew found TCP brand’s LAPL42AB5041K perfectly met both his and the Radial’s standards.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
With Andrew Newton’s help, Radial Inc was able to replace all the outdated lamps in the facility with new LED technology making the project a win-win for electrical consumption and annual cost savings while greatly improving the lighting conditions.

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