Cloud 9/Merritt Square Mall – Merritt Island, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Shelly Cejda - Senior Sales Representative

The Situation
Cloud 9, located in the Merritt Square Mall, had a combination of 2X2 and 2X4 fluorescent troffers. The client worked with Shelly to replace the existing fixtures with corresponding LED flat panels. Another concern was the use of parabolic louvres on the fixtures which drastically reduced the light output.

The Solution
Shelly Cejda of Florida Bulb & Ballast, proposed replacing the existing 14 - 4 lamp F34T12 magnetic lamps, running at 10 hours a day, consumed 128 watts each/1792 watts annually. By replacing these fixtures with 14 of Satco’s LED 2X4, 50W flat panels at 50 watts per fixture generates 700 watts annually, creating a yearly savings of $478.30. Shelly replaced 22 - 2 lamp U-Bend 2 ft. FB40T12/U/6 fixtures that burned 64 watts each/1408 watts annually. Retrofitting with Satco’s LED 2X2, 40W flat panels, Cloud 9 has reduced the consumption to 40 watts per fixture/880 watts annually at a 10 hour a day run time. Producing $231 in yearly savings. To solve the light level issue, the parabolic louvres were removed allowing more light to flow outward, not just downward, improving overall ambiance for the store.

The Products
Shelly specified Satco’s LED Flat Panel line, using product 65-572 and 65-571, backlit and color changing (35K, 40K and 50K), 100-277V, high lumen output fixtures.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
By replacing the outdated, magnetic ballast and T12 fluorescent lamps, Cloud 9 is utilizing more efficient LED replacement fixtures throughout the facility, greatly improving the lighting conditions at this Cloud 9 store.

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