Cancer Care Center – Melbourne, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Andrew Newton–Sales Representatives

The Situation
At the Cancer Care Center in Melbourne, Florida, old, outdated fluorescent T12 fixtures adorned the walls of the client restrooms. The dull T12 fluorescent lights barely illuminated the area and caused the A/C unit to work double time to cool the rooms.

The Solution
Andrew Newton of Florida Bulb & Ballast immediately presented the new HalcoLED 4’T8 strip fixtures to replace the 16 existing fixtures to not only solve the lighting issue, but greatly reduce the heat build-up caused by the old magnetic ballast and T12 fluorescent lamps.

The Products
Halco LS4/36U40 Linear Strip
4ft 36W 120-277V 4000K Fixture
Diffused matching lens

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
The old, existing system consumed 82 Watts per fixture while the new LED system only puts out 36 Watts, a great energy savings.  This equates to an energy savings of $13.43 per fixture for a total of $214.91 pf per year.  Not only did Andrew shrink the wattage more than half, he also increased the lumen output while cutting the heat level, thus reducing the A/C electric bill.  Way to go Andrew!

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