Cumberland International – Palm Bay, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist:  Karen Jones –Sales Representative

The Situation
Cumberland International at the Palm Bay location contracted Karen Jones and Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., to upgrade the existing interior lighting to a new LED Highbay fixtures.  Cumberland was looking to improve the overall lighting and save energy. Karen suggested and specified a  new LED UFO type 150W highbay fixture as a replacement for the existing traditional 400 Watt Metal Halide highbay fixtures.

The Solution
The Mechanic Area was the clients main concern when consulting Karen for a solution.  By   replacing the 15 – 400W HID highbay fixtures with Satco’s 150W UFO LED Highbay, the Mechanic Area will be uniformly lit with clean, crisp LED 5000K light.  With LED, the lamps are instant-on and last 2X longer Plus, no more waiting for the HID lamps and ballast to power up not replacing lamps and maybe ballast every 2 years.

The Product
The product Karen and FB&B chose for this project was the Satco NUVO 65-194 UFO Highbay. Each fixture only uses 150 watts versus 400 watts previously being used, to greatly decrease the energy consumption of the lights and additionally lower the air condition usage.  With the addition of boxes and hooks to hang the new fixtures, Cumberland International has gleaned a successful completion to their issue!

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
The use of High Efficient Led lighting in the Mechanic Area greatly improved the quality of light projected with high lumen output and clean, sharp color.  By replacing the old MH400 watt HID highbay fixtures plus ballast to LED 150 watt saves the client $144.14 per year per fixture, $2,162.10 annually for all 15 fixtures.  Cumberland International showed great initiative towards their facilities impact on the environment by changing out interior fixtures to Energy Efficient LED lighting, and their overall carbon footprint.

Another successfully turn key project by Florida Bulb & Ballast, INC.

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