Oceana Condo, Satellite Beach, Florida

The Situation
Oceana Condo is a new construction project that Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., designed and sold in 2018.  All exterior lighting was to be compliant with the Turtle Conservation Program as the property is on the East side of A1A in Satellite Beach, so “Amber LED” was specified for all fixtures.

The Solution
Florida Bulb & Ballast worked with the design team, contractor and client to establish what products would work where. Consideration was taken to balance all sides of the complex with equal distribution of amber light while providing security for the residences as well as the ability to walk the complex at night with accurate light levels.

The Product
The parking lot lights specified are 37 watt amber shoe boxes from Envoy Lighting. The exterior wall lights are Progress Lighting cylinders with Lighting Science 15 watt PAR30 amber floods.  The interior lights up the center of the building by the elevators are ceiling mount square boxes from Pemco with 40watt amber led modules, built into the fixtures. Custom made to fit this application, keeping the integrity of the fixtures up to the latest state-of-the-art Technology.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
This project confirms that it is possible to be “turtle compliant” as well as functional, safe and aesthetic at the same time.  FB&B does new construction fixture packages from Condominiums, Office Complexes to Storage Facilities, our range of expertise and ability to work with contractors brings our projects to a successful conclusion.

Specification Sheets:
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