Lake Ridge HOA, Florida

Lighting Project Specialist: Lucy Crews - Sales Representative

The Situation
Lake Ridge HOA needed to update and repair their clubhouse/pool area. They called on Lucy Crews of Florida Bulb & Ballast, Inc., to work with the Management Company and board members to understand their wants and needs. Lucy provided a few options for the Board members approval. In the end the board chose a few different LED fixture types.

The Solution
Lucy, of Florida Bulb & Ballast, worked with board members to change-out the old, outdated inefficient post top, wall mount, spotlights and security fixtures located across the Public areas of the clubhouse. Replacing old CFL32 watt post top lamps with new LED 21W lamps and new frosted acrylic post top globes and bases. This switch-out not only improved the décor but allowed residents a stronger sense of security and visibility. The wall mount fixtures where replaced with a matching post top energy efficient fixture using new globes, 15watt LED Lamps and bases, keeping the look cohesive throughout the facility. Motion sensing security lights were utilized on all four sides of the clubhouse to give additional security and peace of mind during afterhours around the public area. The client standardized on 4100 Kelvin temperature to give a bright, more pleasing look to the facility.

The Product
A combination or Acrylic Post Top and Wall Mounted fixtures from WAVE were chosen by the client: SATCO motion activated security lights really light up the area around the clubhouse when activated. And low wattage Envoy flood lights where used to light up the signage and flagpole, finishing off the project.

The Bottom Line and Green Effect
Lake Ridge Board was extremely impressed with the install and products chosen by Lucy and Florida Bulb & Ballast to move their facility to LED, providing more light and energy saving throughout the year.

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