Global Legislation to Phase-Out Incandescent Lamps

Energy Independence And Security Act of 2007 phases out inefficient incandescent lamps starting in 2010 and with 100W in 2012 and 60W & 40W in 2014

Phases out lamps between 40 and 150 watts within the two year timeline.
Requires light bulb makers to improve the efficiency of incandescent bulbs by 25%.
Phase two will start in 2020, which will affect all general purpose bulbs.

Canada, European Union and other countries have enacted similar policies, examples of incandescent lamp bans:

- Brazil and Venezuela phase out started in 2005
- Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia and Ireland began their phase out in 2009
- Philippines phased out by 2010 Italy phase out began 2010
- U.K. phases out by 2011
- Finland phases out as of 2011
- India will phase out by 2012
- Argentina, Canada, India and Russia will phase out in 2012
- All members of the EU will phase out by 2012

China agreed to phase out incandescent production over the next 10 years

- China accounts for 75% to 90% of world light bulb manufacturing.
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